TOT BA TOT Autumn Winter

TOT BA TOT Autumn Winter

The season for Winters is fast approaching and it is high time to get geared up with Winter shoes for the kids. Going to a friend’s birthday party, or a day at the park, family day out, or a shopping cum dining out, the TOT BATOT Autumn Winter Collection should be your first choice for kids shoes. TOT BATOT AW collection entails the snuggest and coziest shoes to keep your kids warm and make them stand out amongst the rest. Tot Ba Tot has the stylish most and comfortable shoes being offered in Pakistan. It is the right time to hop on the train of being stylish and cool with the TOT BATOT AW collection.

Tot Ba Tot AW Collection has made a new and chic addition of the “Twister Shoe’ to the range because we understand the inconvenience kids have while tying their laces. The no hassle shoe is surely a show stopper as the shoe rids the kid of the struggle of tying their laces and instead they can twist the lock on top of the sneaker to fasten it securely and can twist it anti clockwise to take the shoe off.

The range varies from trendiest sneakers in eye catching colors to classic formals with a touch of poise. Style them to attain any kind of look whether it’s for going to the ball game at school or a family meetup; Borjan is a one stop shop for all mommy and daddies for their kid’s foot wear. The Tot Ba Tot girl range includes pretty pastel colors like pinks, blues and lilac so your little princess can strike an impression. While the Tot Ba Tot boys’ shoes range varies from blacks, blues and a fun splash of red.

Your kids’ shoes should be a perfect balance between making the children stand out and giving them the utmost ease in all their favorite colors. So get your hands on the most fetching kids shoes online and in stores and keep your kids up with the trends.

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